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What is Pack Topaz?

Pack Topaz is an 18+ pet play community where pets and friends can enjoy interacting together and support one another. This is an inclusive place for All Pet Frens.

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Handlers and Human enthusiasts can also become part of the pack if they wish as ‘Handlers’ or ‘Bipeds’. Handlers/Humans that are pack members are still involved within the pack points system including getting discounts on any future pet play events I may organise where Handlers are invited.

Front of the pack where I belong. Pro pet photoshoot with two handlers taken in Edinburgh by AdultStudiosWill.

Who Am I?

I am the Leader of Pack Topaz, responsible for the management and organisation of all Pack activities. Please always ask permission from your Owner/handler/Alpha before signing up.

I would love fellow Handlers/Alphas/couples/puppy piles and other human-pet species to join the pack it is not puppy-play exclusive!

Joining Pack Topaz does not make Me your personal Alpha. if you would like to be a pet and are looking for Alpha services from me then please book a session.

As expected in a pack hierarchy despite being Pack Leader I am of course below Handlers/Owners/Mistresses/Masters and equal to fellow Alpha pets.

Alpha Pup Topaz wants to eventually facilitate group meets whether that be online, attending puppy-play, pet play, or fetish events (where possible) as well as hoping to eventually run My own local Pack Pet Play Events in Scotland.


How does it work?

Registered Members of #PackTopaz will have opportunities to participate in games and the opportunity to earn points towards gaining “Top Dog” status which will be up for grabs bi-monthly.

The winner will get a treat from Pack Leader Pup Topaz. To add some variety and give other pets a chance you cannot win Top Dog status twice in a row. Everyone gets the chance to participate regardless of your personal pet/sexual orientation or relationship status.

You start to collect points as soon as you register as a #PackTopaz member however participating and collecting points is not mandatory.

Your involvement in gaining points is entirely up to you and your personal circumstances.

Please see the bones below on how you can earn Pack Points:

Optional Tasks to be Completed to Gain Pack Points

The points system is manual currently however Pup Topaz is considering launching a pack social media profile system including a proper profile space, a personal gallery, a chat system, and a place where your personal point score is visible to you. If this is something you would be interested in please let Pack Leader know.

Connect with Pack Leader Online

Sign up to Pup Topaz’s Naughty Pup subscription site which has all her clip content (Including naughty-pup clips, handler clips, and X-rated clips) and images.

Only $4.99 per month (+earn 10 Pack Points upon joining):

If you signup for the 12 month package for Only $56.89 then not only are you getting a 5% discount but if you send Alpha a message on Onlyfans with your address once you have subscribed I will post you out a ‘Welcome Pack’ which has a variety of goodies including a brand new squeaky. This annual subscription will also gain you 20 pack Points.

If you would like a welcome pack but can’t sign up to My Onlyfans then this is available for a £50 payment via bank transfer so send Pup Topaz pack Leader a DM if you would like to get a welcome pack of your own.

Pups playing tug of war

If you have twitter or instagram account you can also promote Alpha Pup Topaz and The Pack using #AlphaPupTopaz and/or #PackTopaz.

Retweet Pup Topaz’s content and interact with Her online and She will always interact with your tweets particularly if you reply with photos of you in your pet gear if you have any!

Contributions will be noted whether that be monetary, Twitter/Instagram/online interactions, or other activities that help promote The Pack to other enthusiasts. The amount you interact and/or tribute will improve your pack points status accordingly gaining both my favour and proving your loyalty to The Pack at the same time.

This is a great way to get noticed by Pack Leader and get into Her good books. Just like a real pack!

N.B. Please cite Pup Topaz in any online interactions so I can see and account for this

Gift Pup Topaz

Another way to prove your worth/dedication and to earn pack Points is to gift Pack Leader Pup Topaz from Her amazon wishlist when you can which has a price range for anyone’s wallet size:

If you gift or tip Pup Topaz and it is your thing then please include your pet name and online handle if you have one (and if you wish a SFW photo) and Alpha will publicly thank you on Her Twitter and Instagram pages.


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    Members Gallery

    Any member found to be underage will be removed from the pack immediately and asked to rejoin when they are old enough!

    Sessions Available

    Proper training and sessions require an hourly tribute.

    For more information about real-time sessions and the different pup persona’s I offer for this please click the button below:

    Extra Behavioural Discipline Training Available

    Is your pup in need of some extra behavioural discipline training?

    Introducing Victoria Stayput Resident Trainer at the House of Discipline

    She is a Professional Mistress, dog-Handler, puppy Trainer, and pet Disciplinarian.

    This is now available alongside me and my Owner in a Duo session (see Pup Topaz)

    Contact Alpha Pup Topaz for more information:

    Contact Pet-Trainer Direct: