It’s A Pets Life

I am a female human-puppy. Are you looking to be My pet?

If it is a pet play session you seek for then please include more information about what you like and what kind of session you are looking for within the contact form at the bottom of this page. It’s a pets life indeed!

Whatever role I am in I Always session in my puppy hood and/or muzzle 

NOW conducting real-time sessions with pets that are known to Her in Edinburgh and Glasgow

I am happy to cover a range of roles/pet persona’s within the same session if this is what you require. Like with your ‘pup persona’, sessions are personal, so will be tailored to your specific needs.

All types of sessions I conduct are for a 1 hour duration maximum.

If you are interested in filming puppy-play or a pet play session then this is something I offer to any type of pet provided you are 18+

Obedience training or a session with Handler-pup is a puppy-play exclusive service. 

Please see the different pup persona’s I offer Below:

Bow down to a superior Alpha! Studio image with Mistress Lady Amber

Alpha Pup Pet-Play Sessions (usually NSFW)

Tribute is £100ph content dependant

(+50 for sexual content, +20 for marking my territory ‘WS’, +20 for vet roleplay, ‘disposable medical equipment’)

Want to be My pet? Are you kinky? My property for an hour?

I cater for all kinds of pets in this role.

Alpha Pup is much more sexual and can be more primal too. She is a fetishist so loves it when someone has a specific fetish! So let Alpha know if you would like any incorporated.

What kind of pet are you? What do you enjoy?

Alpha pup particularly enjoys vet roleplay, breeding pups with my strap-on, and marking my territory.

Members of My pack know how Alpha deserves to be treated and respected.

Alpha loves receiving paw/leg worship too and is protective over all Her pets.

You can usually find Alpha Pup in pet play sessions, at Fetish events, and filming with professional Mistresses.

Marking my territory. Image by photographer Pitt Prickel

Handler-Pup Obedience Training (Pups Only)

Tribute is £100ph content dependant

(+20 for marking my territory ‘WS’, +20 for vet roleplay, ‘disposable medical equipment’)

Always wanted to be turned into a pet and trained like a real pup?

These sessions are completely non-sexual and focus purely on puppy play and achieving a proper associated head-space .

Are you looking for obedience training like commands “sit”, “roll over”, “heel”, only or can it be whatever Alpha feels will work well with you?

Handler-Pup prefers positive reinforcement techniques and is not into giving pain play as punishment. She has other means for reprimanding a bad pup like cage time or not being allowed up on the furniture. Sometimes even a bop on the nose!

Do you have your own hood/puppy gear?

There are a lot of options for play: tasks, agility tests, and obviously lots of treats and petting.

If it is your thing then I can include inspection for breeding, regression fuss and cuddles , walkies, and taking a pup to the vets.

You can usually find Handler-pup in training sessions and occasionally at pup events with Her personal pup.

Handler-pup never wears a muzzle so you can clearly see My commands. Image by photographer Malimoria

Pup Topaz

Tribute is £120ph for me to be your puppy

Tribute is £240ph Duo session with pet-disciplinarian Victoria Stayput in Manchester

Both options are content dependant : (+50 for sexual content, +20 for marking my territory ‘WS’, +20 for vet roleplay, ‘disposable medical equipment’)

In my true puppy form I am pup Topaz and I am an excitable, happy, and extremely loyal blue and black Labrador pup and I always like to be a good girl and get lots of fuss. I like to attend fetish events and film with Professional Mistresses and plan to start attending more puppy play events also. Come and say hi if you see me out and about! *Tail Wags*

Usually I like to fully immerse myself in the head-space so often don’t like talking or being on two paws if I am deeply in pup Topaz mode.

A session with me and my Owner, Mistress, and Pet disciplinarian Victoria Stayput is possible in both Manchester or Edinburgh with plenty notice so we can be available together. This is great for if you would like to be mutual pups together under a Handler, you would like Handler-pup to take you for a visit to the vets where Mistress is the vet, or if you are Very bad and need to be taken for extra behavioural correction training.

You can usually find pup Topaz with her Owner, at fetish events, filming with professional Mistresses, and attending puppy events

Playful pup – wanna play ball? Image by photographer QueensoftheRealm

Dog Wade

Tribute is £100ph content dependant

(+50 for sexual content, +20 for marking my territory ‘WS’, +20 for vet roleplay, ‘disposable medical equipment’)

Dog Wade is my male alter pup ego and he is primal and untrained. He wears a different hood with huge ears and always a large strap-on. He is usually available as apart of a fetish  session.

He likes to breed, hump, growl, sniff crotches, and is generally a bad boy. Grrrrrr

You can usually find him in Alpha-pup sessions and filming with professional Mistresses.

Wade found a toy so is being surprisingly well behaved in this photo. Image by photographer Malimoria

I am an Alpha Pup, a pet, and a Handler Not A Mistress


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